SCM Congress

The SCM Congress provides governance surrounding the journals that are encompassed within the SCM Journal List.  These charter members of the SCM Congress are scholars whose institutions were chosen based on a top-10 ranking of supply chain management programs by U.S. News and World Reports[1].  Because this ranking only encompasses U.S. universities, we added non-U.S. universities which were ranked in the top-20 supply chain management programs by Forbes/SCM World[2] and/or the SCM Journal List Rankings[3].

Members of the SCM Congress will provide input for possible updates to the journals encompassed within the SCM Journal List.  This process last occurred in 2022 and will occur every four years.  At that same time, the U.S.-based institutions that are included in the Top-10 in the U.S. and World Reports and the non-U.S. institutions encompassed within the top-20 of the Forbes/SCM World and/or SCM Journal List rankings will be reviewed for changes in the SCM Congress membership.

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