The SCM Journal ListTM ranking is an annual ranking of universities’ supply chain management research output in the leading supply chain management journals. The ranking is based on publications during the prior five years (non-peer reviewed manuscripts, such as book reviews and editorials, are omitted). University output is based on the proportion of authorship for each article (1/n, where n=the number of authors for an article). In cases where an author lists multiple affiliations, the first listed university affiliation is credited. If two or more affiliations are listed for an author, only the first affiliation is credited. Faculty members of distinct campuses of a university are credited as being affiliated with different institutions. As an example, an article written by a faculty member at the University of Texas at Dallas would be credited to the University of Texas – Dallas rather than the main campus of the University of Texas.

The journals encompassed within the SCM Journal ListTM were selected based on existing lists such as the Financial Times and UT-Dallas journal lists, as well as a recognition that those lists included a set of journals that predominantly focused on analytical methodologies and also underrepresented journals that encompassed logistics and supply management. The eight journals encompassed within the SCM Journal ListTM ranking include the journals from the Financial Times and UT-Dallas lists (Management Science, Operations Research, MSOM, and POMJ) as well as journals from the leading supply chain management professional associations: APICS (Journal of Operations Management), CSCMP (Journal of Business Logistics), Decision Sciences Institute (Decision Sciences Journal), and ISM (Journal of Supply Chain Management). Unlike existing lists, the SCM Journal ListTM ranking uses output from the top-tier journals which publish research across a broad spectrum of areas across the supply chain, in both the analytical and empirical arenas.

Two annual rankings are provided – one based on output in primarily empirically-focused journals (Decision Sciences, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management, and Journal of Supply Chain Management) and one based on primarily analytically-focused journals (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Management Science, Operations Research, and Production and Operations Management).

With a recognition that journal quality and focus might change over time, the journals that comprise the SCM Journal ListTM are reevaluated every four years.  The last reevaluation occurred in 2022.

The SCM Journal ListTM diligently attempts to ensure the validity of these data. Due to potential ambiguities that can occur when authors list their affiliations in journal publications, errors are possible. If you observe an error, or would like to provide other feedback, please contact us at SCM Journal ListTM.

The SCM Journal ListTM gratefully acknowledges the following universities for their financial sponsorship:

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Note: Beginning with 2017 publications, only papers that were edited by the operations management department editor at Management Science or included in a special issue with an OSCM-related topic are included in the rankings. All publications in Management Science up to and including 2016 will continue to be encompassed within the data.